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It’s the long awaited summer holidays and a lot of us are jetting off to sunnier climates – Hurray! But before we can even dream of putting our feet up, we have the vision of flying with a child/children looming over us. Nobody wants their child to be the one that’s spoken about for years to come that persistently screamed and kicked the back of the person in front's seat! So, we’ve pulled together just a few ideas which may make that journey a little less hellish:

1. Invest in a Trunki

They may appear a little overpriced, but Trunkis are a lifesaver for entertaining little ones when you’re in long queues as your kid can happily propel him/herself around while sitting on top. Not only that, the strap allows you to pull your child around, saving their little legs if your walk to the departure gate is a long one. A small price to pay for the fact you won’t reach your resort with dead arms from having to carry your child…Just buy the Trunki, it’ll be worth it.

2. Present your child with presents

Wrap up small toys that you can present to your child as a reward for being good every half hour or so. These don’t have to be expensive and can even be your child's old forgotten about toys. Small soft animals are ideal, as are little wind-up toys that can travel across the fold down table.

3. Get sticking with stickers

Stickers are great for keeping children entertained for a while, just give them an empty water bottle to decorate, or some scrap paper. Bear in mind that you will probably end up having to unpeel stickers from the back of the seat in front and from various parts of your child's body, but the five minutes silence will make it ALL worth it.

4. Watch out for the ‘aeroplane police’

A clever trick is to warn young children of the “Aeroplane Police” who are looking out for badly behaved children as they aren’t allowed to go on holiday. It proved hugely effective in stopping my toddler climbing over seats, playing with the fold down table, kicking the seat in front and all the other things that passengers around you really love.

5. Play I spy

Sometimes keeping it simple is the easiest thing to do. Make sure you reward your child with lots of praise even for simple words and encourage them to take turns. This can help keep children distracted for hours, even if there isn’t much to see on an aeroplane…IMPROVISE!

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