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Childcare Solution during COVID-19

Finding out or being led to believe that your child may have contracted coronavirus is a scary ordeal for a parent, an ordeal made all the more frightening based on the fact that because this is a relatively new virus scientists don’t know much about the illness or as of yet have a vaccine.

Thankfully, however we can rejoice in the little information the scientists do have which is actually good news for parents. Children can contract coronavirus, but it is not as harmful to them as we might first perceived and it is only fatal in rare cases.

China CDC studied more than 44,000 confirmed cases and only 416 of them were children aged 9 and younger. This is 1% of the total number of cases with no fatalities. There were 549 cases of children and teens aged between 9 and 19 representing 1.2% of the entire study group, there was only one fatality in that age group.

Like with any pandemic, measures have been taken to try and contain the spread of an outbreak and these measures may include steps like school closures and the cancellation of public events. Parents are increasingly being affected by these actions and whether you are a working mum that now has to work from home with a 2 year old or you’re a father of 4 who’s children’s school has temporarily closed and you have to find ways to keep them entertained and with little or no help from the grandparents.

The coronavirus hasn’t brought bad news for all parents however as some parents have come up with solutions that allow them to keep track of daily activities like work, looking after children and actually increase their productivity!

Having specialised in all aspects of childcare including Emergency Childcare, PP&P have noticed a significant spike in the number of parents booking our one to one nannying service. Whilst all our staff are DBS Checked, first aid trained, can administer medication and are following all government guidelines on symptoms and treatments for COVID-19, we have found that more parents are booking and recommending our services.

With childcare needs being met, parents are able to work from home with no distractions and which ultimately leading to one less thing to worry about when dealing with elderly parents, stocking up on supplies or work stresses.

So the COVID-19 is not all bad news for parents!

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