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Time to update the Wedding supplier list ... Wedding Creches are here to stay!

The UK wedding industry is a big business that has always consisted of a long list of suppliers to achieve the big day. Now being added to the normal list of florists, photographers and caterers is a growing trend: the wedding creche.

Many couples prefer not to invite children to a wedding to avoid the risk of crying, running or screaming (usual kid stuff) disrupting the ceremony. But if you have close family members with young children that you want to be included or have children yourself, you can’t be selective over which those who can and can’t be invited. And let’s be honest, in some cases if a parent can’t bring their children, they may not be able to attend at all.

According to there's been a 168% increase in the demand for wedding crèche services over the last two years. "We first saw a spike in requests for wedding crèches in March 2016 and have seen a steady year-on-year increase during the traditional wedding season of April to October," says Richard Conway, founder of the website. "Nannies who offer the service through the site say the main reason for the increase is couples having children before marriage, whilst another was couples wanting to have children at their wedding but not wanting the hassle."

At Harry and Meghan’s wedding in May, they arranged a children’s entertainer during the afternoon reception to provide a relaxed break for the bridesmaids and pageboys away from the formality.

This is where we at Pop Up Party & Play can step in and help. We are experienced at providing creches at weddings as well as many other events and can provide a couple of nannies for a few hours or full onsite childcare for 8 hours, whatever suits you best!

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